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We analyze color information and suggestive perspective colors, using information that we exchange with the domestic and global trend setters. 
Our mission is to help you visualize seasonal trend colors worldwide. 
We have proposed our original collection of colors by using know-how which we have established for over the last years. 
We offer original 105 shades which will become the mainstream colors for the season. 
In addition, we will suggest another group of 105 shades which could be developed out of the first group. 
We will then present to you the entire group of 210 colors. 
Enjoy end appreciate our unique, rich and gorgeous "NOA color collection". 

We propose analysis of color information and prediction color while exchanging information with domestic and global trend setters. 
Our role is to help shape the season's epidemic. 
With the know-how that has been used for 30 years, we will deliver an original color collection to all of you. 
We propose 105 colors that are the main of the season. 
Furthermore, a total of 210 colors are developed by adding 105 colors of variation colors that dare to slightly change the color tone of the main color. 
It is a product called "NOA Color Collection" full of a sense of volume unlike any other, we will deliver to you. 


Each box has two layers of color samples. In the upper case, we have the main trend colors, and in the lower case, you will find various hues of the main trend colors.
The variety of shades will enrich your presentation to customers.
They will help you to decide the color of your products and so forth.
This box will assist creative process of your business.
The trend colors in the upper case are divided into several themes per season.
A detailed explanation will be attached to the box for each season. "NOA color collection";  beautifully dyed string and concept description: To have with you always.

The upper part of the box contains the trend color, and the lower part contains the surrounding color. 
Variety of colors can be used in various scenes. 
As determination of product color and color sample. As presentation materials for customers.
As a hint to a more original proposal. 
The upper trend color is based on the concept of each season, 
It is further divided into several themes. 
A detailed explanation of the concepts and themes will be provided each season. 
The NOA color collection that expresses the trend color with yarn and words 
Please use it for your creative work.

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